Top 5 Ways to Use Mobile Devices for Business

Mobile devices have not only changed our personal lives, but they have also changed our professional lives. An ever increasing number of businesses have turned to mobile devices to carry out their various operations. The adoption of mobile technology has improved business productivity, while also providing the workforce a higher level of flexibility. But what are the best ways to use mobile devices that allow your business to get the most out of them?

Improving Business Operations With Mobile Devices

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other mobile devices may be widely used by companies around the world, but they aren’t often used in the most efficient way. If you’re only using your mobile technology for making calls and receiving emails, then you’re missing out. Failing to maximize the potential of your gadgets can keep your team from being as productive as they could be.

Here are five of the best ways to use your mobile devices for business to improve your operations, generate more revenue, and boost your bottom line:

Track and Manage Business Expenses

Mobile app stores have come a long way since their early days. These stores aren’t just filled with games and social media apps—many useful business productivity tools can be found there as well. Applications like Expensify or BizExpense give users the ability to easily track and manage expenses by scanning or photographing receipts and organizing them in the cloud.

Train Your Employees

The best way to understand organizational processes or learn new skills is by participating in an immersive educational course. This can include taking part in webinars, taking tests, viewing instructional videos, and more. The opportunities for professional growth are endless with mobile devices, not to mention training and education can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.

Make Presentations

While you may be used to working on your desktop for bigger projects, laptops and tablets are perfect tools for making presentations, especially impromptu presentations. These devices have everything you need to put together a demonstration to win over clients or inform your team on sales projections for the month.

Accept Payments

In today’s business world, reaching out to customers where they are can be highly beneficial to business. However, while you’re out in the field, you most likely won’t have access to the equipment you need to take credit or debit payments. This is a big problem, considering the number of people who still carry cash around has dropped drastically over the years. Tools like Square or PayPal Here convert your mobile devices into card readers so you can accept credit and debit card payments wherever you are. This means you won’t have to turn down customers who don’t have cash on hand.

Collect Signatures

One of the most common struggles in business is the agonizing wait to get people to sign off on paperwork. Fortunately, digital document signing applications have made the process of signing contracts or other paperwork quicker and easier. As you know, the faster paperwork is signed, the sooner you can get to work.

Get the Mobile Devices Your Business Needs

At eSquared Communications, we specialize in mobile device procurement and provisioning. Our team can set up your business with the hardware needed to improve its operations.

If you’d like to learn more about our services, contact us today.

Everything You Need to Know About 5G

Every year, the biggest tech giants in the smartphone industry release a new iteration of their popular flagship phones. And hungry for information, we wait with bated breath for an announcement that gives us details on how this year’s phone builds upon the previous year’s hardware and software. New phone announcements normally boil down to a slightly better camera, sharper screens, new features, and maybe a gimmick or two. However, Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 12 deviated a bit from the usual incremental improvements.

While the new line of Apple iPhones has all the typical upgrades you’d expect, there’s one significant new feature that’s grabbing everyone’s attention … 5G support. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are the first phones in Apple’s lineup of devices to support 5G networks. Being one of the most preferred phone brands in the world, Apple embracing 5G infrastructure has turned heads and made many wonder, “What is 5G?”

What Exactly Is 5G?

Although the technology is undoubtedly new to some, it’s something that telecommunication providers have been working and expanding on for a few years now. If you aren’t familiar with the term 5G, that will change soon as more and more companies choose to leverage the capabilities of 5G for their own devices. But why is 5G such a big deal and what does it mean for you? To answer that question, let’s first get into what this type of network is.

When people say 5G, they are referring to the fifth generation of wireless networking technology. This means there have been four previous generations, starting with 1G, which was an analog telecommunication standard introduced in the 1980s. It was later replaced with 2G, a solution that brought with it the first generation of digital cellular technologies. The launch of 3G increased data transfer speeds from 200 kilobits per second (Kbps) to a few megabits per second (Mbps). Finally, 4G technologies like LTE and WiMAX pushed data speeds even further, allowing transfer at hundreds of Mbps to even gigabit-level speeds while also improving security.

As with the previous generations, 5G also provides unique improvements to existing architecture. In particular, it brings three new aspects to the table:

The Different Types of 5G

Here’s where the concept of 5G networks gets a little confusing. There are three main types of 5G networks that are currently being built: low-band, mid-band, and high-band. These three versions of wireless networks refer to the wavelength of the signal being sent out, with low having the longest wavelength and high having the shortest. Wavelength plays a role in the footprint size, or reach, of the network. All of the networking architecture will eventually work together seamlessly, but as of now, the United States has focused primarily on building out low- and high-band.

Here’s a quick summary of the three versions of wireless networks:

How Does 5G Work?

Like the older wireless networks, 5G networks use a system of cell sites that divide their territory into sectors and send encoded data through radio waves. This encoded data relies on a format called orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) that’s similar to the encoding format 4G uses. However, this format is specifically designed for low latency and greater flexibility. It’s this efficient encoding that allows for better speeds.

The Promise vs. Reality

When companies began working on building out 5G technology infrastructure, there was the promise that 5G would bring speeds of around 10 Gbps on your mobile device. For perspective, that would be about 600 times faster than the average 4G speeds on current phones without 5G support and 10 times faster than Google Fiber's standard home broadband service.

While it’s possible that these speeds could be reached eventually, the initial rollout has not provided this rate of data transfer. This is mainly because national carriers began building their 5G networks on top of their existing 4G networks. This solution provided improved connectivity, but not speeds you would associate with 5G. We should see speeds improve as carriers begin introducing standalone networks.

Where Carriers Currently Stand

Before T-Mobile and Sprint merged, T-Mobile had a nationwide low-band 5G network and high-band network in six cities. Sprint, on the other hand, built out a mid-band network that was available in nine cities. As for AT&T, they have a low-band network in 20 markets and a high-band network in 35 smaller markets for business. Finally, Verizon is building out a high-band network in 30 markets.

Take Advantage of 5G

At eSquared Communications, we specialize in mobile device deployment services. If you or your customers need hardware, we procure it so you can enjoy using the latest technology for your business needs.

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A SaaS Program You Can Trust

Don’t get slowed down by firmware-related issues. Let eSquared optimize your infrastructure with a turnkey solution that brings life to your mobile devices.

If you’re just starting to explore the concept of Software as a Service (SaaS), you came to the right place. Essentially, SaaS is a way of delivering applications over the internet. Instead of installing and maintaining separate software models, you can simply access everything you need online. These web-based programs are hosted applications that the experts at eSquared manage better than anyone else.

As a full-service Technology Solutions provider, we provide solutions that offer an unmatched performance and stronger security. Here’s what our program consists of:

Mobile Procurement and Provisioning

By working with top US carriers, we can procure affordable tablets and accessories for your workforce. Once you have the supplies you need, we configure the business applications, so your team is ready to go. When you’re ready to take advantage of the best solutions for the right price, we’ll be prepared with a proper response plan.

MDM Procurement and Setup

At eSquared, it’s our job to enhance productivity and security. We work tirelessly to protect your technology and mitigate any risks associated with it. Our specialties include restricted access, remote control support, phishing updates and simulations, and security awareness training.

We will deliver and manage a custom MDM software package with usage control settings, monitoring, and software update features. You won't ever have to worry about your devices going offline from outdated software.

Project Management and Transition

We follow a tight schedule. Whether we’re making updates to your existing infrastructure or installing new tools, you can count on us to ensure that your network is always ahead of the curve. With us, you have a dedicated partner who works hand-in-hand with you to keep your business on the cutting edge.


It’s not just what’s on the inside that counts. We do a lot more than only manage your software. When it comes to order fulfillment, you can trust us to come through with the right hardware. Whether it’s storage, picking, packing, shipping, or product return, eSquared has you covered with a seamless fulfillment strategy.

24/7 Help Desk Support

We’re available at all times to help troubleshoot any technical issues you’re dealing with. Our live support staff is always on call to help with these critical demands:

  • Boost operating systems
  • Launch application updates
  • Manage the lifecycle of your device
  • Control all capabilities

We’re Here to Help

When it comes to mobility telematics, there’s no better partner than eSquared. Our experts work around the clock to keep your technology operating at its best. We know what it takes to help you maintain a competitive edge. By enrolling in our SaaS program, you have a partner who handles all the tough tasks with superior benefits, including:

  • Application and mobile network support
  • Centralized seed stock management
  • Enterprise billing and telecom expense management
  • Custom application services
  • Cell control and configuration
  • MDM maintenance for your OS and applications

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Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Active3 – The Field-Based Worker's Dream

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Active3 – The Field-Based Worker's Dream

If you loved the Tab Active2, then Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab Active3 will whisk you away. It’s every field-based worker’s dream. It’s built for performance and productivity with the brute strength to withstand todays mobile workforce. This isn’t your average tablet; this tablet was designed to get things done with ease. It has improved touch sensitivity, durability, and upgraded performance to support applications for the employee on the go. Whether it’s in the hands of a first responder or in the harsh conditions of a construction site, this tablet is reliable in the most critical of situations. Sturdy and reliable is only the beginning.  

Why we love the Galaxy Tab Active3 

It’s ruggedizedIt’s not only MIL-STD-810H certifiedit has shock absorption features. When inside of an inbox protective cover, the device can withstand drops of up to 1.5 meters! The device is also IP68 rated, dustproof and water-resistant to provide peace of mind when working in the elements. 

It's powerfulThe Galaxy Tab Active3 is equipped with the Exynos 9810 processor, 4GB of RAM and up to 64GB of internal storage. Of course, we can’t skip over the incredibly fast Wi-Fi connectivity thanks to Wi-Fi 6 and MIMO. 

The Tab Active3 also includes a replaceable 5050mAh battery and supports fast charging through USB and POGO pins. For businesses that plan to use the tablet in a fixed location, there is a “No Battery Mode.

It’s secureSOTI MDM + Samsung Knox no worries about the security of your private data. The Galaxy Tab Active3 delivers defense-grade security against malware and malicious attacks. IT administrators are also able to customize Samsung Knox to manage programs and apps used on the device. This allows complete control so employeecan focus on the job at hand.

Final Thoughts: 

It goes without saying that the Tab Active3 has many incredible features but what makes it important to us? The Tab Active3 is the perfect example of Samsung’s commitment to enterprise customers. This is something we at eSquared share! We value creating the ultimate experience for our clients and partners by offering innovative solutions, collaborative growth, and procuring the right devices for our clients’ needs. We feel Samsung’s Tab Active3 is creating strong solutions for field-based workers.