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Body Temperature Check

With an advanced infrared camera featuring industry-leading high resolution 160×120 and 50Hz frame rate, the temperature kiosk is able to offer instant reading and keep the traffic moving.

Contactless Temperature Reading

As businesses across the country are planning to reopen, keeping employees safe is the top priority of their return-to-work strategies. The temperature Kiosk is available with desk stand, floor stand, wall mount and more options, it is ideals for offices, job sites, healthcare facilities and schools. As a company that uses the Temperature Kiosk, we can testify that this product has been a beneficial part of our office life.

eSquared Communication Consulting

Why Temperature Kiosk?

  • Forehead temperature measurement, no need to remove face-mask or hat
  •  Advanced infrared image sensor, accuracy ≤ 0.5°F
  •  Auto calibrating with no special background, backdrop, or thermal constant needed for calibration
  •  Real-time data recording, automatic email notification on over-temperature
  •  Screen Casting to another computer, let your employees monitor from a distance
  •  Full API supports integration with 3rd party Building Management System
  •  Out-of-the-box ready with no IT integration required
  •  Digital relay output, connect to alarm, beacon, or other onsite system

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