“The eSquared team has been an amazing partnership from the very first introduction. Having a reliable partner as you are trying to grow is priceless. Looking back at when we managed the devices on our end, it was a nightmare. I am glad to have awakened from that nightmare and have the entire eSquared team there to turn this into a sweet dream!”

Crystal Lake, Project Manager at A1 Garage Door Service

Field Service Made Easy


Let us procure the latest ruggedized tablets and accessories that are made to last in the field.


We provide technical support for software, devices, and connectivity-related issues through our award-winning 24/7 help desk.


Keep your devices functioning with the latest security and OS updates, customize usage settings, remote device control and more with fully managed MDM services.


HSE saw an 18% decrease in their mobile carrier expenses after working with eSquared! As part of a turnkey solution, our billing analysts can manage your telecom expenses for accurate billing and less waste.

“eSquared has tremendously saved us money over the course of roughly 5 months. We are confident our money is no longer being wasted…”

Brian Davenport, VP of Services at A1 Garage Door Services

Are you fed up with…

Lack of storage for devices
Unused or broken devices lying around
Misplaced devices with employee turnover
Outdated devices or software
Overspending on wireless and data

No one to manage devices
Inexperienced IT teams
Lack of tech support for devices, software, or data related issues

Full-service mobile solutions

Devices for less

Equip your technicians with durable devices to promote efficient and timely customer service while in the field. Let us procure you a selection of the latest ruggedized tablets specifically designed for surviving harsh environments. We partner with all major carriers and hardware vendors to produce cost efficient device options, including both Apple and Android products. Our experts have the experience and knowledge to suggest equipment that suits your industry. Get LTE Samsung tablets starting at $0.99, and brand-new, ruggedized Samsung Tab Active3 tablets starting at $399.00

Fully managed help desk

Between connectivity issues, equipment malfunctions, and software glitches, technicians are often left helpless in the field. Malfunctions disrupt the flow of business and can setback a technician’s entire day. Let our team become your team. eSquared has an award-winning help desk that is available 24/7 to provide troubleshooting for your technicians. Your team can feel secure knowing our help desk is there to support them. Our managed services start at just $39.99! 

Mobile device management 

Grow your business with mobile device management (MDM) services. With MDM software, easily access client information, create estimates and invoices, schedule and dispatch technicians, and even receive payments all from a mobile device. Have your business at your fingertips.

We can work with any software provider to automatically keep your devices running with the latest security patches and operating system updates. Manage your devices from a single point of control, customize usage settings and provide the ability to lock or wipe a device remotely. All of these services keep your devices functioning.  

Telecom expense management

Tired of having to manage bills from numerous vendors? Want to get a better handle on your telecom assets and save money? Relieve these burdens from your accounting team and let eSquared manage your telecom expenses. You could save 20% or more on your wireless, voice, and data bills! As part of a turnkey solution our billing analyst can manage your telecom expenses by consolidating your bills into one concise and detailed invoice. Not only that, we’ll be your extra pair of eyes! We validate the accuracy of the billing from each telecom vendor, constantly optimize your bill for best pricing and take on all disputes and resolutions. Never worry about wasting money on telecom expenses again. 

Get visibility of your wireless, voice, and data expenses and keep the billing all in one place.

*All pricing is subject to change based on current promotions and availability. 

Tommy Mello and eSquared owner, Josh Fulton talk about Implementing Tech Solutions for Faster, Better Business Operations.

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