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Large. Fast. Easy.

Wireless Coverage for Your:

  • School
  • Gymnasium
  • Office 
  • Outdoor Event
  • Plant Floor / Work Area
  • Job Site 

Robust Large Scale Aura Wireless Networks

Apogee™ is a system comprised of an antenna featuring an embedded, whisper-quiet micro-controller and the Apogee Manager™ Cloud. Through proprietary firmware, the micro-controller enables the autonomous operation of the rich feature set of the antenna and communication with the Apogee Manager™ Cloud for remote configuration and management. 

  • Blazing Fast 5G speed
  • Easily Connect your Remote Team
  • WiFi to Cover your next Event, School or Pop-Up
  • 12+ Acres per AP Location
  • Apogee Manager™ Cloud
  • Endlessly Expandable Coverage
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Networks Are Easy with Aura Wireless

Superior RF signal propagation combined with remote addressability dramatically improves network performance and economics by significantly reducing infrastructure and labor costs by a ratio of up to 7:1.

The platform continues to deliver economic benefits by reducing technician dispatches to re-optimize in response to changes unique to each wireless venue.

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