Quality Solutions, for Quality Care


Let us procure you the latest ruggedized tablets specifically designed for surviving in unpredictable environments. Get Samsung tablets such as the Tab Active3 LTE that can withstand rough handling, fluids, and varying climate.


 A fast response is crucial in healthcare. Our award-winning 24/7 help desk team provides just that. Our team can provide training and technical support for software, devices, and connectivity-related issues.


Monitor your assets and patients with MDM software and fully managed services.  Keep devices functioning with the latest security patches and OS updates. Manage your assets from a single point of control, customize access and usage settings and access devices remotely.


Need blazing fast internet access? Reduce costs, cut down on equipment, and cover up to 12acres with wireless and wireline 5G internet! Keep your mobile team connected with customized voice & data packages.


 Safely store your assets in our state-of-the-art warehouse. We can customize labels, ship and track ready to use devices. Have visibility into the location, status, and health of your assets for transparency and improved operations.  

How we can help

Procuring affordable mobile phones, tablets, and laptops

Procuring device accessories such as cases, mounts, blood pressure testing and more

Hassle-free, flexible and customized voice & data plans to deliver quality mobile care

Be able to monitor critical care patients, post op patients and at home patients with ease

Security: Track, lock, or wipe managed devices anywhere, at any time 

Connecting mobile technology, Wi-Fi, or wireline services for high-speed internet access

Manage wireless carrier conflicts and resolutions and find savings through optimizing your telecom bills

Deeper description of services

Devices for less

Equip your healthcare workers with durable devices to promote efficient, accurate, and timely care to mobile patients. A dedicated consultant will learn your needs and procure you a selection of the latest technology: ruggedized smartphones, tablets, laptops, or wearable devices. We partner with all major carriers and hardware vendors to produce flexible, customized, and cost-efficient device options, including both Apple and Android products. Our experts have the experience and knowledge to provide an unbiased recommendation for the equipment that best suits your needs.  

Fully managed help desk 

Between connectivity issues, equipment malfunctions, and software glitches, mobile care patients are left helpless when technology fails. Patients expect reliable and quality care from their healthcare providers and our expert team can help provide fast solutions when time is critical.

Let our award-winning 24/7 help desk become your team. We will work with internal IT teams to provide troubleshooting for device malfunctions, connectivity issues, and software related troubles. Your staff and patients can feel secure knowing our live agents are there to support them around the clock.

Mobile device management 

Mobile technology is important to deliver quality in-home care to outpatients. Ensure your patients quality of care while in or out of the hospital through connected mobile technology that is managed and secure. With MDM software, easily access and monitor patient information, set access levels for staff, and manage alert and usage settings.

We can work with any software provider as well as internal teams to keep devices running with the latest security patches and operating system updates. Securely manage devices and patient care from a single point of control and remotely access a device no matter where it’s at. If the device ends up lost or in the wrong hands, you’ll be able to easily track, lock, or wipe the device to keep patient information safe. 

Stay connected

Shed outdated, manual processes, and physical paperwork and replace them with technology ran on high-speed internet. Smart, digital processes make way for real-time data, improved care time, and enhanced patient experiences.

Equip your organization with blazing fast 5G solutions for less with eSquared. Skip the hassle of working directly with carriers and telecom vendors. We have spent 20 years establishing relationships with all major carriers and telecom vendors to provide fair, affordable, and customizable (contractual and non-contractual) packages. We’ll get your organization’s campus set up with internet and cable as well as voice & data plans for your mobile devices. Keep staff and patients connected in real-time with flexible, customized packages managed by eSquared. 

Warehousing & Asset Tracking

Mobile technology requires secure management and distribution of physical hardware to staff and patients. This means you’ll need a secure storage space and a team to manage the distribution of each device. Not every organization has the appropriate space or experienced staff to handle this, which can lead to inefficiencies, asset loss, and security risks. 

Safely store your assets in eSquared’s Arizona-based, state-of-the-art warehouse. We can customize labels, ship, and track ready-to-use devices wherever you need them. Have visibility into the location, status, and health of your assets at all times!

*All pricing is subject to change based on current promotions and availability.