Remote Learning and Connectivity Solutions


Invest in Wi-Fi only Samsung tablets starting at $123 per device, LTE Samsung tablets starting at $217, and brand-new Lenovo Chromebooks starting at only $289.99


Get our award-winning managed services, including a 24/7 technical support team starting at $39.99


Community–sized, blazing fast Wi-Fi networks are easy with eSquared. Reduce costs, cut down on equipment, and cover up to 12acres with 5G internet! Starting at $0.01 per square foot


Secure Wi-Fi for students riding the school bus! Wi-Fi on the bus allows schools to extend the classroom environment, track buses and students via GPS monitoring, and live stream video from inside the bus. 

Let teachers get back to doing what they do best.
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Full-service solutions to connect beyond the classroom. 

Provide the tools for success 

Equip students with the right devices to provide a smoother transition to learning outside the classroom. eSquared can procure a selection of the latest Chromebooks and tablets that will keep your costs low and student productivity high. Purchase Wi-Fi-only Samsung tablets starting at $123 per device, LTE Samsung tablets starting at $217, and brand-new Lenovo Chromebooks starting at only $289.99. We can source any style of device including: Android, Apple, and Windows operating systems. 

Upgrade your help desk

Between connectivity issues, device malfunctions, software glitches, and cyberattacks, teachers and students alike struggle with learning management systems. Support calls are unpredictable and often outside school hours. School districts are overwhelmed, parents are frustrated, and students are missing out. Let our team become your team. eSquared has an award-winning help desk team that is available 24/7 to solve technical needs for students, parents, and teachers. Our help desk services start at just $39.99

Stay connected

It’s more important than ever to make sure you have the right tools to stay connected. Implementing a community-sized, blazing fast Wi-Fi network is easy with eSquared. We partner with leading providers, manufacturers, and software developers to offer unbiased solutions. Connect your entire campus starting as low as, $0.01 per square foot! Allow your students to connect anywhere on campus while cutting costs. eSquared can help you set up a seamless mesh of high-speed wireless network coverage for less. 

Learning on the go

Learning doesn’t stop outside the classroom. Students are required to use technology for completing homework and remote learning. However, not everyone has access to the internet at home. 

eSquared partners with today’s top connectivity providers and manufacturers, including Cradlepoint, to ensure schools receive reliable and affordable technology solutions. Schools all over the country are utilizing mobile networking solutions to provide secure Wi-Fi connectivity to students through the school bus. Wi-Fi on the bus allows schools to extend the classroom environment as if they never left their desks, allowing them to work on homework while traveling. Buses equipped with Wi-Fi can also be used as internet hubs for rural communities.  

*All pricing is subject to change based on current promotions and availability. 

Schools Seeing Success


South Bend Community School Corporation in Indiana saw success by strategically providing secure Wi-Fi through school buses used as internet hotspots. 

“We’re not only serving our students, but we are also providing their parents and the wider community with free Wi-Fi hotspots during this health crisis.” –Rene Sanchez, COO, South Bend Community School Corporation. 


Greenville Country Schools in South Carolina have used mobile technology to turn bus travel time into additional learning time.

“We deployed Cradlepoint in our entire fleet of 425 buses and achieved our goal of providing our students with safe and secure access to Wi-Fi that extends the classroom… The GPS and live streaming components are really helpful for our state transportation department… At any given time, we can watch our buses to see where they are.” -Bill Brown, GCS Executive Director of Education Technology Services. 

With eSquared as a resource, we’ll find the right solutions. Whether it’s affordable devices, connectivity for your campus and buses, or 24/7 help desk support for your technology, we have the resources to provide a turnkey solution!