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Sanitary Devices For A Sanitary Work Zone

What is HomeSoap

  • Manual and Automatic Mode
  • 3.66 Inches Wide x 9.23 Inches Tall x 13.17 Inches Long
  • Sanitize in 10 Minutes
  • 2.4A USB Port
  • 2.4A USB C Port
  • UV Light
  • Included in Purchase: HomeSoap and Power Adapter
eSquared Communication Consulting

Protect your work and employees from invisible and harmful germs!

If your phone is 18x dirtier and contains more harmful bacteria than a public toilet, just imagine the bacteria crawling all over all the other items in your office, truck, or work site. For the things that can’t be disinfected with soap and water, use HomeSoap. 

An alternative to HomeSoap is PhoneSoap. This is a smaller and more portable option that fits all smartphones and most cases, as well as, keys, cards, masks, etc.

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