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Secure Pop-Up Networks

  • LTE for Pop-Up Network Connectivity
  • Easy VPN Setup
  • Content Filtering
  • IPS/IDS Solutions
  • Plug-and-Play High-Speed Setup

Secure Your Network

On-Demand Wireless Access

Many organizations ensure reliable pop-up connectivity through Cradlepoint’s cloud-managed LTE-enabled branch routers. With the ability to create secure LTE connections and make WiFi available, companies have the flexibility to set up instantly, enabling high availability for important applications.

Standardized & Consistent WAN Pricing Everywhere

LTE is a plug-and-play option that standardizes a company’s pop-up WAN costs across the entire country, with reliance on one or two network operators instead of a different ISP in each and every town.

Built-In Information Security

Cradlepoint’s all-in-one branch solutions include a firewall, easy VPN setup, content filtering, and IPS/IDS — allowing organizations to keep all types of data secure from one site to the next.

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Bulletproof High-Speed Solutions

Using LTE for Cost-Effective Temporary Network Access

With more and more employees working from home & remotely in the field, your company’s network security is under attack. By leveraging eSquared Communication as your partner we can help build a high-speed mobile solution using LTE, for pop-up network access points.

For more than 19 years, eSquared has improved how healthcare, transportation, construction, and service businesses communicate. From wireless and mobile management to mobility telematics, we help your team seamlessly connect with customers, vendors, and each other.

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