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Full service telematic and ELD solutions


Let us procure you the latest ruggedized tablets specifically designed for surviving on the road. Get Samsung tablets such as the Tab Active3 LTE to withstand harsh environments and weather.


Never be stuck on the road without assistance again with our award-winning 24/7 help desk. Our team can provide technical support for software, devices, connectivity related issues and more!


Make your day-to-day easier with MDM software and managed services. Keep your devices functioning with the latest updates. You can manage your assets from a single point of control, customize driver usage settings and access devices remotely.


Leave device setup to us! We’ll install the software and applications needed on all your devices. Using our state-of-the-art warehouse, we can customize labels, deploy, and ship directly to your fleet. Your drivers always receive a device ready to mount and use right out of the box!

Are you challenged with…

Lack of storage for devices

Unused or broken devices lying around

Misplaced devices with employee turnover

Outdated devices or software

Overspending on wireless and data

No one to manage devices

Inexperienced IT teams

Lack of technical support for devices, software, or data related issues

“Get Alive”

eSquared offeers comprehensive “get alive” services. Deploying hundreds or thousands of devices at once requires expertise and attention.

Tablet provisioning
Kitting with mount
Deployment support

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“Stay Alive”

eSquared keeps you up and running with our “stay alive” services. We eliminate downtime and optimize mobile device deployment.

24×7 help desk
MDM software expertise
RMA management

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