Full service telematic and ELD solutions


Tell us what matters most about managing your fleet and we’ll prepare a  selection of products that will keep your fleet connected and productive.


Leave the staging & kitting to us! We’ll install the apps and software you need on all your devices. Not only that, we will deploy and track all assets.


You will never have to worry about your mobile device lifecycle. Be secure with driver usage controls, custom settings, and 24/7 enterprise help desk support.

Leave procuring devices to us and focus on what you do best.

Partnered with industry leaders

We’ve spent years building relationships with the nation’s leading technology lifecycle  management vendors so you don’t have to. Our partnerships ensure you get the solutions you need for a competitive price, from procurement and kitting to centralized mobility management.

“Get Alive”

eSquared offeers comprehensive “get alive” services. Deploying hundreds or thousands of devices at once requires expertise and attention.

Tablet provisioning
Kitting with mount
Deployment support

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“Stay Alive”

eSquared keeps you up and running with our “stay alive” services. We eliminate downtime and optimize mobile device deployment.

24×7 help desk
MDM software expertise
RMA management

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